A Glimpse At The Way It Could Be

I have to say, going to work each day with a husband at home makes me realize just how all-consuming I've permitted my job to be and what a hamster-wheel of an existence we've had.

Cue the dramatic music. I know, what HR professional has a 40-hour-a-week job and what dual-income family has a stress-free existence? None that I know of . . . but still.

When we were both working, it was just the way things were. There was not a lot of flexibility to when the day started and ended or how things occurred during the day. Midday doctor appointments, after-school activities and and unscheduled illnesses or school closings put a wrench in "the schedule."

Now, that all stands in stark contrast to the glimpse I had of another way that it could be.

My husband, who by the way claims to be rather stress-free at the moment, is able to let the kid sleep in another hour - which is golden to a growing tween - and she can stay for after school activities without much ado. There is more dad/daughter time for ice skating, sliding, four wheeling and leisurely before school breakfasts and we are able to share chaperoning duties for evening activities.

As a family unit, there is something to be said about trading what ever it is we need to trade for us to be able to be home - and together - more.

If you had a glimpse of the way "it" could be for you and your family and then took the leap  - what was the "it" for you and what trade off's did you make, if any?

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