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When I am not here, I am playing over at Women of HR.

What's Women of HR you ask? Women of HR is a multi-contributor blog dedicated to the development of women in human resources and business. This month, the Women of HR wanted to talk career so they are doing just that  . . . offering readers insights and advice on career enhancement drawn from years of experience.

Last week, Sally Williamson started us off with 3 impressions that keep women from advancing and Erin Palmer followed up asking {blah, blah, blah} if you were a constant complainer.

Coming up we have Andrea Ballared wondering asking if the paper resume is dead, Miriam Salpeter warns you that a job today is no guarantee of a job tomorrow, Nisha Ragavan shows you how you can  fill employment gaps for free and April Kunzelman encourages you to interview your interviewer.

Do you want more? How about the importance of preparing your references, four myths of self employment, five tips to prepare you for salary negotiation, the power of a network and moving beyond simply knowing you have choices to embracing choice

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