Classy Career Girl

Do you know a classy career girl? I do. Her name is Anna Runyan and she writes a blog that helps young professionals navigate the corporate ladder called Classy Career Girl.

Anna's mission? To help you become happy, successful and balanced in your work and life while demonstrating class, skill and integrity. You will not find the same old career advice on her site that you can find on millions of other websites. Instead, Classy career Girl shares REAL stories of actual young professional and successful career girls in the REAL world.

Very cool.

Anna answers questions from her readers each week. She approached my with an opportunity to answer a recent question from one of her readers. One glance at her site and I couldn't pass this up.

The question was Should I Disclose My Health Problems at Work? and you'll have to click on over to find out my answer.

Enjoy the site.