Credibility Quick Shot

Credibility is the social currency for professional relationships. Without it, leaders are ineffective and irrelevant. There is a shortage of credible leadership today. I want to change that. Right here. Right now.


I have a difficult time working with people I don’t trust. It takes me longer than most to move from trust to distrust. Once there, I don’t turn back easily.

I value the relationship and always look to preserve it. I give the benefit of the doubt. I give second and third chances. I look for logical motives for what appear to be illogical actions. If you look for the leader who puts her hand out only to get it slapped - you've found me.

I understand having a position but I don’t see the need for positioning. I understand having an opinion but I don’t see the need to ever misrepresent the facts. Leaders operate in a world of grey and it is a shortsighted leader who sees the world as black and white and strives to win at all costs. Doing so costs leaders more than the win. And it impacts all of us.

Are you with me?

Photo credit: Unknown