Deconstructing Christmas: A Day in the Life Sunday

The craziness leading up to the holidays quiets on Christmas Eve as we settle into the next few days. The Christmas tree reflects the promise and hope of the season while sheltering the gifts beneath its bough.



Now, here we are five days later and it's time to take that bad boy down.

In a world where only my opinion matters, the tree would come down on December 26. I don't live in that world so compromise is key and in our house, the tree comes down and is tossed over the back deck as a winter wonderland for the squirrels and birds on January 1. "They" pushed for longer but I held my ground.

As the holiday memories linger and the lights continue to shine, every needle that falls on an opened gift not yet put away is a reminder of a task not yet completed. I take a deep breath, brush away the needles, rearrange a gift or two and go about my day.

It is the holiday week after all. It's a time joy, rest and relaxation. And January 1 is only 2 days away.