HR, Meet Technology

When I have an inefficient work process or need data to problem solve, I often look to technology. Sometimes, I don't. I just do what I've always done, the way I've always done it and I gripe about technology voids in my workplace.

Good thing there are people out there paying attention to how work gets done,   listening to gripes and doing something about it.  



LBi Software is one of those companies. LBi Software is passionate about helping HR see the challenges that lie ahead and providing insight into how to handle them.

“Where the Rubber Meets the Road: Applying HR Technology to Solve Real-world Problems,” from LBi Software, brings the insight and wisdom of seven of HR's most recognized thought leaders to one topic: how to use today's powerful HR technology to focus on the people in your organization and  become a more strategic business partner. Thank you to LBi for inviting me to participate in this e-book project.

Technology is key to HR success at the most basic level to remove inefficiencies and increase productivity. What is one of your can't-live-without HR technologies?