HR, Thought Leaders and Me

I am not an HR thought leader. 

I have thoughts and I have ideas. Some are even pretty good. But are they original? Nah. They are regenerated, repeated or repurposed with my own perspective, insights and experiences. Or, could they be inceptions?

I am not always "in the know" but I know. 

I know HR. I know leadership. I chew on issues like credibility and influence past the point of interest to others. I enjoy spirited debates and getting lost in "what if?" if only for a while. I have my feet firmly planted on the ground - most of the time.

My uneasiness? It's not you, it's me. Really, who can live up to a billing like that? 

I write much better than I speak and miss the mark when I present. I stumble, I stutter, I ramble and I repeat. I manage when I should be leading, I lead when no one is following and I really do hate when that happens. 

I get my geek on in the chasm between the solid fact-based aspects of an issue and the unstable emotion-based ones. I give facts human meaning. I build relationships and I bring out potential in others. I am energized when I hear or read a perspective so unlike my own that it stops me mid-thought or mid-sentence. 

That's it. That's me. No glitz, no glamour, no flashing bulbs.

Do you still love me now that you know?