Ride For The Brand

This guest post is authored by Ben Eubanks. Ben is an HR professional from Huntsville, AL. He lives much of his life online. Don't believe it? Catch him on LinkedInTwitterRocketHR, or via email. His blog, UpstartHR, is about many things, including HR, leadership, and zombies.

In a recent employee appreciation ceremony, one of the senior leaders in my company got up to make a short speech that really resonated with me. He spoke about a traditional cowboy phrase that showed pride and dedication, and I think it has some interesting applications for each of us. The phrase?

"I ride for the brand."

He went on to elaborate on the literal and figurative meanings of that statement. While the cowboys were literally riding every day, the were also representing the organization every time they put on their uniform. I've heard a lot of talk about employer branding, but this message showed me how it applies in a whole new way.

Our employees may not ride horses and wear an uncomfortable amount of leather, but they "ride" for a brand, too. The brand they ride for signifies integrity, respect, and unwavering dedication to the mentally and physically disabled individuals we serve.

Another important point to focus on is that the employees are proud of what they represent. Their own pride in the service they provide gives it a special "flavor." Think about yourself. What brand do you ride for? Do you realize the significance of what you really embody when you go to work each day? Do you represent it with pride? If you can't honestly say that you're proud to "ride" for your brand, then why are you associating yourself in something you aren't comfortable with?