Story, Flow and Tribe: A Day in the Life Sunday

A few years ago, I set out to select three words that would inspire and guide my coming year. When they came to me, I tucked them safely away for use "sometime when."



Each time the three words called out to me, I gently put them back. "Not yet."

When my inspiration wandered, I would chase it down by drawing upon the excitement and energy of others. It didn't always work and it was short-lived when it did. I heart my people, but what inspired them did not inspire me. What was wrong with me, I'd wonder. Why can't I get behind this? Then, I understood. That was not my story.

My story is the heart and wisdom of a leader. It's bringing the best of who you are to every situation whether it's leading a strategic human resource function, supervising a staff of volunteers or sitting down to write your first novel. When I stray to step into the story of another, I lose my flow. I lose my fulfillment and my energy. I am at my best when I stay true to my nature.

Last but not least, I need people, connection and ideas. And they need me. There is nothing more powerful than the strength of a tribe.

Story. Flow. Tribe. It's time.