High School Yearbooks: A Day in the Life Sunday

Lives on display.

From timelines to pinboards and every social networking site in between, our day to day happenings are on display for the world to see. Just how much depends on you. Are you an open book? A closed book? Or do you offer a sneak peak every now and then?

I was looking for some printer paper the other morning and came across my husband's 1977 high school yearbook, the Noble Logue. <Yes, he's old.> I cracked the cover to find his picture. This was easier said than done because apparently "Rosen" comes after "Roset" on the Minnesota Iron Range.

I did not see his picture at first. Then, I turned the page to find his HS mug shot with these graduating word of wisdom,

"Silence makes no blunders."


I didn't think my parting words were any more profound so I dug out the Bellport High School Log. Note: we were much more pedestrian on the Island using Log instead of Logue.

Right there, in it's alphabetically correct position, was my HS mug sharing a page with Ziggy and Smurf. My 1981 self said:

"Take it Easy. Eagles. Dreams and Memories. Ambition: To love and be happy."

The kid took one look at the pic tonight and told me I'd have had more friends in HS if I smiled. Oh well. What can I say. This was my deep smoldering look.

Our Class Motto? '81 Has Just Begun.

"Well I'm a runnin' down the road tryin' to loosen my load . . ."

Yes, I know. Some books, and chapters of our lives, are better left unopened.