Twitter Friends, Twitter Tips and a Free Download

Do you remember some of the first Twitter friends you met in real life? Do you remember the days when it happened?

I remember one day in particular very well. well. Picture a Chicago airport, a van full of little girls and a late breakfast (or early lunch) at a nearby IHOP. I don't even remember what I was in town for, but I remember the day I met Becky Robinson in real life after connecting with her on Twitter over daughters, social media and running.

Becky is as full of life, energy and personality in real life as she is online and she is brimming with great ideas to enhance your social media experiences. She has the perfect foundation as the founder of Weaving Influence, LLC to share her knowledge and energy with other. Her latest project in "weaving influence with words and work" is her new e-book, 31 days of Twitter Tips: Grow Your twitter Influence - 12 Minutes at a Time.

From creating lists, exploring #hashtags and deepening connections in tips 5, 12 and 24, Becky offers pointers for people just getting started with Twitter and refreshers for Twitter pros.  Professionally written by someone who has been there, done that and learned from it, 31 Days of Twitter Tips is a great resource to making the most of Twitter.

Interested? You can get your copy, free, through August 31 at Download it today and while it's downloading, take a minute to check out Becky's blog, Weaving Influence.