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Could you lend a blogger-girl a hand? Google me. Seriously.

I once wrote a post, Jingle Bells, Confidence and Fage Yogurt, and even now - one year later (!) Google and Squarespace analytics both show that Jingle Bell(s) is the number 1 search term that lands people here.

I know, I don't believe it either. Nonetheless, SEO Ninja that I am not, I know this isn't good news for a Leadership and HR blog.

This holiday season, it is my mission to knock you know what from the top spots of my search term Christmas tree and replace it with "Lisa Rosendahl," "leadership" and "HR."

Interested in spreading my holiday cheer? Click on the listing below or search "Lisa Rosendahl" and then click through to the blog when you see this listing:

Let's see if we can turn this thing around <without upsetting Google cheer.>

Nothing personal Santa.