BlogHer '10 Ticket Winner

I have an extra BlogHer ticket and I am giving it away.

I put it out there last week and here's the cool thing about social media - and free stuff. I was introduced to five very cool women: 

  • A medically savvy Mom of two and wife to the sweetest Hubbie on earth and owner of two fur babies of the feline persuasian blogs at Pop and Ice. She'd like her favorite male blogger, her husband, to join her at the conference.
  • Artist Vicki Boatright, known as “BZTAT” (pronounced bee-zee-tat), specializes in whimsical drawings, paintings and prints of companion animals and blogs at BZTAT Studios. She is trying to learn half as much as her cat does about blogging.
  • Lorraine Woodward, aka Little Miss Tottenville, blogs at I want to love YOU better whatever it takes and says she is a good blogger who could be a GREAT blogger with some help . . . and it's her dream to attend a BlogHer conference.
  • Sarah blogs at and is dedicated to supporting a community for Parents in the Main Line Region. She'd like to attend to learn all she can on behalf of her sister, Ann Marie, who blogs at Household 6 Diva from Germany, building a community of military spouses from around the globe.
  • Maria, a NYC based recent college graduate and aspiring wordsmith/ entrepreneur, is about to launch a co-blogging site and support group for early stage tech entrepreneurs by tapping the experiences of others to share resources and advice.
  • Shannon Myers, posts occasionally on Walton Search and for other recruiting sites and speaks at recruiting conferences, is starting her own blog after contemplating doing so for years. She is also building a site for women to connect locally in her county.

And the ticket goes too. . . Sarah at Mainline Moms. Sarah's  committment to building a community to support moms with little ones and Ann Marie's committment to building a community of military spouses - it all hit too close to home for me to pass up.

Sarah, enjoy BlogHer and send your cliff notes my way!