Current and Relevant Career Advice

The top three keyword searchs - by far - on this site for the past two months (because that's only as far as I've looked back) have been: tired of my job, tired of your job, tired of job.

Sense a theme?

I have a post, Tired of Your Job? Maybe It's Time To Ask the Tough Questions that people are linking to but it's old.

I want to offer something new.

There are so many great people doing amazing things out there to assist people in career transition. I know that there are people who live and breathe this every day - and with passion - so I went out looking for them.

I went looking for something that was just a little different than the workshops I usually see on resume building, interviewing, networking, etc.

I went out looking for something up-to-the-minute and relevant.

And I found it.

Interested in hearing from the world's leading career voices on how to find a job, keep your job, or get the next great job in your career?

Then check this out. Now. For early bird pricing . . . and an arsenal of career info.