Growing up: A Day in the Life Sunday

Sleepovers, texts, Tango and giggles behind closed doors. School days, school friends, and lunch room drama. My daughter has a life that doesn't include me. I flashback to a post from a few years ago from Raising Tarah and wish she'd stop growing up so fast.

Tarah mirror.jpg

The sun was streaming through the windows on an almost fall day.

We were sitting in the car in the parking lot on our way to lunch. I was in the driver's seat gathering things to bring in with us: Harry Potter for the kid, purse (or just cash?), Blackberry, fleece jacket (or not?), too much loose change. .

She was wedged in beside me on the armrest checking out her hair in the rearview mirror. She did her hair herself today and created two pigtails with a touch of creativity - a ribbon wrapped around each. The ribbon matched her shirt that covered her Justice slim cords that were rolled up and slightly cropped for just a touch of attitude. The attitude was easy-going and fun.

Where's my Nook? Got the purse. Is she done primping yet?

I look up and catch my breath. Right there in the rear view mirror, reflected in my daughter's eyes is joy, quiet discovery and acceptance.

Good Night Moon. Hello Kitty. Baby blankie. Where did you go?

I hold my breath so I can remember this moment as it is right now.

By Lisa Rosendahl

LuRong: A Day in the Life Sunday

Goals matter but what matters more than setting a goal is being willing to do what you've always done differently, or no longer doing it at all, to achieve your goal. When it comes to health, exercise and lifestyle changes, tips, tricks and carrots-on-a-stick fail me every time.


I've danced around diet changes nodding my head when my personal trainer made recommendations but never following through, logging most of my calories into My Fitness Pal, adding a greek yogurt here and there and rationalizing away 5-cheese ziti al forno and fresh from the oven crusty bread with sticks of butter.

I was able to get away with eating what I wanted when I wanted 30 years ago, but not any more.

Earlier this year, I made a commitment to change. I joined a cross fit gym to get my butt back into shape. For diet, I followed a 30 day cleanse and fat burning plan and moved towards eating clean. I saw significant changes in my body based and inspired by a friend, I've taken it up a notch.

I've gone Paleo. 

I signed up for the LuRong Living Paleo Challenge. For eight weeks, I am eating a no dairy products, cereal grains, legumes, refined sugars and processed food diet. It's crazy. I put more food back on the shelf at the grocery store than I buy and am now on the lookout for nitrate free bacon, grass fed beef, coconut flour, almond meal, coconut aminos and vanilla beans. 

Trader Joe is my friend, menu planning is not. I have a hard time deciding on Sunday what I am going to be hungry for on Thursday. Two weeks down, six to go and I am hoping this will get easier.

What drastic measures have you taken in the name of health? Do share.