I Am Just Not That Into HR

. . . today. 

I spent the entire day yesterday working on salary surveys and have more to do this morning. I did give salary surveys away but, for now, these are mine to do. It can be fun to know the rules, the nuances, the data, the determinations and the market. And yes, there are spreadsheets involved. I have this right brain/left brain thing going on and I tend to enjoy spreadsheets.

Not today.

Today I want to talk with Paul Hebert about money for grades and incentive plan design, get to the heart of the matter on a debate in process over at Cincy Recruiter on HR and your secrets, break out my HCI Human Capital Strategist course work and develop a foundation for my workforce development team, plan worthwhile first week activities for my brand new HR Specialists starting soon, stop brooding over a missed opportunity, check on with staff members to see how the heck they are faring these days, review (after I pull) retention data for key occupations and then develop a position description for someone to do that for me.

So, I can't do want I want to do but what I am doing has to be done, by me, today. And do it I will. I am just not into it today.

Maybe tomorrow.

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