The Interviewer's Advantage

I have had the opportunity to interview for new HR staff lately. It's something I don't get to do often although lately it seems I've had the opportunity to do it more due to staff promotions, turnover and new HR positions.

People walk into an interview and it's unknown to me - and to you - what they have on the line at that moment. Whatever "it" is, it belongs to a person in one of the most uncomfortable situations a person could be in.

As the interviewer, I know - but sometimes forget, that I have the opportunity create the space for the person sitting across from me to shine. As I recently watched a candidate come into her own right before my eyes, it made me wonder, what do others do with the very same opportunity?

With this thought on my mind, I saw 10 Human Questions Interviewees Should Ask, from Paul Smith pop up in my Google Reader. Like Paul, I thought "about the anxiety of interviewees and how interviewers have most of the advantages in that environment."

Interviewers can set the stage for an interviewee to be at their best. Their anxious and nervous best, but their best nonetheless.

Why wouldn't every interviewer want to do that?

Is it easier to say, "no" to someone who did not fully step-up-to-the-plate? It is not possible to be both direct and nice? Shame on you if you quell confidence and pride and don't nourish, propup or cultivate every chance you get.

It's not all about the applicant you say? It's all about you? Ok, I get that so let me ask you this, "What impression do you want them to have of their interaction with you, of your department, and of your leadership?"

Interviewers, you have the advantage. Use it well.

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How To Get Blog Updates Delivered To You

A colleague asked me why she should subscribe to blogs when she can visit the sites for free. Subscribe meant $$ to her. Let's talk about subscriptions

I started reading blogs in October 2006. Each morning, I'd bounce between the six (yes, six) blogs I was reading to check for updates. A little tedious but not so bad if you only are reading six blogs - but who reads only six blogs? Well, in January 2007, I discovered Google Reader, set-up a free account, and the way the I read on line changed. I now have over 120 blogs in the reader. 

What is a reader? A reader automatically collects and organizes new posts from your favorite bloggers in one easy place. Yes, one easy place. No more moving site to site and worrying you'll miss something.

Readers read feeds and blogs have feeds. Locate the orange symbol you see to the left on your favorite blogs and click on it to add the blog's feed to your reader. Some blogs also offer updates via email and it may be incorporated with this icon or listed separately.  

THIS IS FREE. There is no cost to subscribe to your favorite blogs. Pick a reader, set up a free account and begin subscribing today. 

Looking for blogs to subscribe to? Check out Fistful of Talent/HR Capitalist 7.0 Talent Management Power Blog RankingsEvan Carmicheal's Top 50 Blogs to Watch in 2010Carnival of HR and Leadership Development Carnival. 

Please subscribe to my new feed to continue receiving new posts after May 31. It's freaking me out that less than half of my subscribers are using the new feed as of today . . . but that could be a post of its own.

Now for the question of the day - what were the six blogs I was reading in October 2006?