A Step in the Right Direction

I have a new friend and I am on mission. My new friend is a  Physical Therapist and my mission is to transform my gait.

Yes, I have to change the way I run. You see, my feet sort of cross in front of each other when I run. And yes, that's a problem. Mr. PT says it's not the reason I can't roller blade but it is the very reason my knees are achy. I'm not so sure about this NOT negatively impacting my roller blading inabilities but I'll buy that it's taking a toll on my knees.

How does one change the way they've been moving for 30 (ahem) plus plus years? Mr. PT had a few suggestions: I could have someone run behind me and yell at me whenever my feet cross over the mid line or I could lay a cord about ankle high across the backyard, run along it and have it trip me up if my feet cross over it. Not funny. So, we talked some more and at the end of the session, I bought new running shoes and opted for treadmill work. 

This morning, the change began. I went to the gym and hopped on the treadmill. I slowed it down a few points, scaled back on the time and concentrated on how I was running. It felt a bit odd but, before long, I was able to feel the difference between the old and the new. Day 1 was a success.

I am in the midst of change, literally, one step at at time. On the treadmill I am changing the way I run. Off the treadmill, I feel another change coming. I am in a funny place right now and I can't quite get my head around it - yet - but I am in the inquiry. Inquiry can be a messy place for me, yet this "mess" always bring insight and change. And, I am taking this one step at a time.

One step at a time. Is there really any other way to make a change? No matter how big or how small of a change you have in mind, it always starts with the first step headed in the right direction. 

So, where are you headed today?

If you are in St. Cloud on November 21, head on over to the Jingle Bell 5K and join me. I'll be the one watching her feet as she runs!