What I Know About Getting A Job

Did you know?

"The best thing that you can do for your career is to get a strong set of mentors. University of Virginia found that people with three mentors are more likely to get a promotion than someone with fewer than three. And studies from the University of California - Santa Cruz found that almost every Fortune 500 CEO can name a roster of mentors who helped them along the way." Brazen Careerist

To answer the question, "where do you find mentors?" Brazen Careerist and Rich DeMatteo (from Corn on the Job) compiled job search and career advice from a variety of top human resources and recruiting professionals online in a new eBook, "What I Know About Getting a Job."  

I am in there, with 17 other professionals, offering our quick shot advice to job seekers. Not only will you find great tips and new perspectives, you will laugh. 

Did I tell you this is free? No kidding, it's free. Take some time to click through, download the eBook, and thank Rich and his colleagues at Brazen Careerist.

 Download the eBook —-> What I Know About Getting A Job