Leadership Development Carnival


While it's snowing in many places across the country and the football game is on, The Leadership Development Carnival is on at Talented Apps

With talk of masks, leadership and authencity, this moth's carnival kicks off in grand style with contributions from across the web. Hitting on a variety of leadership topics, I came across many contributors new to me. I'll be taking some time over the next week to read through the posts and I hope you do too.

Be sure to mark your calendar for next month (March 7th) when the carnival returns to its home at Great Leadership.

The December Leadership Development Carnival


The December Leadership Development Carnival is hosted by Mark Stelzner on his blog at Inflexion Point. The cold weather is coming so take him up on his offer when he says,

"Although the weather outside may be frightful, this Carnival’s writers are so delightful. So stoke the fire, grab a blanket and get ready to curl up with some of the best leadership writing from the past thirty days. Cozy yet? Good… let’s jump right in."

And jump right in you should. From "Leadership Whiteout" to Finding Snowflakes" and "Brain Freeze," Mark carries the winter theme throughout the post and highlights posts on coaching, motivation, community, high potential notifications and more. If you have leadership on your mind, this is the place for you!

Grab a warm drink of your choice, browse through the writing and before you go, leave Mark a note in the comments about what issues would you like this crowd to tackle in 2010.

With that, enjoy!