How often do we look at life, at ourselves, through the lens of, "there's something wrong here?"

Whether it's level of engagement, frequency and stickiness of posts, number of innovative ideas, quaility of connections, sexiness of job, health, fitness or simply being present  - there's some thing we see as not enough, some thing we feel we need to justify to others or some thing that needs to be fixed.  

There's a world of difference, and motivation, between chasing after something to correct what's "wrong" and reaching for the stars from a place of confidence and joy. I spend so much of my time chasing.

Now, it's time to for me to savor



I have great people, projects and possibilities in my sphere. Some have received the attention they deserve while others have been woefully neglected. So, no more chasing for me as I settle in and enjoy what I have for all that it is.

Nothing more. Nothing less.