Heroic HR Expert: Paul Hebert

Today is Tim Sackett Day, aka the day we recognize someone we heart in Human Resources who won't end up on some fancy influencer list.  

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This year, our Tim Sackett Day honoree is Paul Hebert. Paul is the incentive go-to-guy and a wonder of a human being.  I first met Paul at an HR conference and although we don't cross paths often, he is my guy for anything incentive and reward related.

I have his incentive primer starred in my Google Reader. Because of a conversation I had with Paul after my daughter received her first report card, I know paying for grades (e.g., $1.00 for an A) isn't a great idea. Instead, I recognize the quality she work she does and the attention she pays to her school assignments..

If you don't know Paul Hebert, you are missing out. It's never too late to add another link to you reader, another connection to your LinkedIn profile or another face to your Twitter stream. You can find Paul here (hover to highlight and click to follow links):

We are using the hashtag #timsackettday on Twitter for Paul's recognition as a heroic HR person and human being. Keep an eye out for the tweets and RT a few of them!

Here's to Paul!

Wanted: A Discussion on Travel Incentives

Incentive and recognition awards (particularly those that include travel) have been the subject of recent criticisms in the media. Grab a cup of coffee, put on your thinking cap and read these three statements:

Incentives for motivation are more important than ever before.

Many publicly traded companies are revising and in many cases canceling their travel awards.

My prediction is that . . .companies will bend and cancel most, if not all, the incentive travel for 2009 if there is any hint that it could be at the expense of jobs or other business expenses that seem more "normal."

These statements belong to Paul Herbert. Paul is the brains behind Incentive Intelligence, a recognized authority on incentives and performance motivation, and part of the team at Fistful of Talent.

Do you agree with the statements, or not? Hold that thought.

Here are some travel facts: the travel industry, including business and incentive travel, contributes more than $730 billion to the U.S. economy; business-related travel generates 2.4 million American jobs, $244 billion in spending and $39 billion in tax revenue at the federal, state and local level; meetings and conventions account for over $100 billion in annual expenditures; meetings and events are responsible for nearly 15% of all travel in the United States;and the U.S. Commerce Department predicts a loss of 247,000 travel related jobs in 2009

This information was provided by our friends at Fistful of Talent. They are interested in fostering a dialogue on what could be a developing issue affecting businesses across the country and are placing Paul at the helm this discussion. Paul wrote about Nortel and Wells Fargo, thinks incentives are more important than ever before and that 2009 will be a problem for incentive travel awards.

What do you think? Let Paul know and join the discussion. Every voice is important.