Talent Management - It's About the People

Talent management is, at it's simplest, anticipating the needs for talent (hard to fill positions or those crucial to the organization) and setting out a plan to meet those needs. Managing talent is crucial to maintain innovation and productivity.Talent management is one of the toughest challenges leaders face - and it's made even tougher in today's uncertain environment.

Corporations, large and small, have eliminated thousands of positions. Each of us has either more than likely been in an organization that eliminated positions, know someone how has lost a position or thinks this may still happen to them, a friend, or a family member.

Talent management - it's all about people. It's all about THE people and having people in your organization that feel valued, amongst all else, is the heart of retention strategies.

I am moderating a panel on "Setting the Organizational Pace through Employee Engagement" at the 12th Annual Talent Management Summit today. I have a wonderful panel and we are going to offer the audience a glimpse inside their organizations. We'll discuss the business issues they are facing, what they are doing to inspire confidence in their organization's leadership, and how they are inspiring employees in this down economy. Because these are businesses after all, we'll also talk about the tools they are developing or using to drive productivity.

You have to know, my biggest fear is running out of questions. I opened the floor for talent management questions here and on Twitter. I'd like to thanks Steve Boese and Chris Ponder for their questions. 

I am psyched! Not just about my panel but get this, after my panel, I get to sit on a panel moderated by the HR Bartender herself and watch Jason Seiden in action the next day!

So, turn your cell phones off, keep the back channel positive and wish me luck!

Talent Questions? The Floor Is Now Open

Fall is in the air (in Minnesota). School is starting, apples are ripening,  leaves will be falling - soon - and the 12th Annual Talent Management Summit is just around the corner.

I am moderating a panel on Setting the Organizational Pace through Employee Engagement. I have an amazing panel to highlight and draw experience from, each engaged day to day in developing and leading talent management initiatives in their organizations.

I am beginning to get my thoughts together for our session and first off, I set some goals: to engage both the panel and the audience, to look at the issues from many angels and above all, to have fun. Oh yes, one more goal -to not crash and burn my first time in front of this type of an audience.

To do this well, I need your help.

Consider this. "A number of corporations, both large and small, have had to eliminate thousands of positions. Managing talent is crucial to maintain innovation and productivity. Feeling valued, amongst all else, is the heart of retention strategies."

Now, check out the topics below. If you were sitting in the audience, what would you want to know about them? Talent management professionals, what are the absolutely-must-not-miss points?  

  • Building confidence in leadership
  • Inspiring employees
  • Developing tools for productivity

Hit me in the comments or send me an email. If you have a lot to say, we can talk. I'll take anything and everything talent management/employee engagement I can get my hands on!

If you are planning to attend or are thinking about it, my friends at the Talent Management Summit are offering you 20% off the standard rate with the code IUS_HRTH_#1. Hope to see you there!