Resume Forensics

Are you using the Internet to its fullest potential for recruiting?

I am not. It is too much like trying to find a needle in a haystack. With so much going on in my day, I need to prioritize my efforts on tasks that will produce more than frustration. Somebody, somewhere, take my hand and lead me through the madness. Give me a road map, point me in the right direction and make some sense out of the madness for me.

JIm Stroud from The Recruiters Lounge to the rescue. Jim has been working steadily and diligently to develop a training guide for internet recruitment. Do you want to know:

  • How to search Google, Yahoo and Live for free resumes?
  • How to take a job description and create multiple search strings from it?
  • How to automate your resume searches so you can (literally) source resumes while you sleep?


Then Resume Forensics is for you!  

Resume Forensics makes its debut today, Monday, May 12, 2008. Resume Forensics is a guide on how to leverage the internet to find free resumes and passive jobseekers on the web. It is over 100 pages and it is priced at $0.00.

Jim's is giving this away. He will collect the feedback from readers and then use that information to make the next version of his book (Resume Forensics 2.0) even more relevant and useful.

You are invited to download a copy at I will be downloading it today with many thanks to Jim (my needle in a haystack finder!) for sharing this with us the way he has. Make it worth his while.  Review it, blog about it, and more importantly, provide him your feedback.