Cell Phones and Parental Controls: A Day In The Life Sunday

A few weeks ago, week the kid was pining for a cell phone. Actually, it's been a few months now but she kicked her efforts up a few notches recently with Christmas and her 11th birthday in sight. Today, she has a metallic blue phone of her very own - fully personalized the way she likes it.

What gives? No, it wasn't slide show she put together on "Why I Need a Cell Phone" <although it was a nice touch> that changed our minds. We started swaying that way after I lost the kid and just last week, it became the right time for us. She's swimming 3 nights a week at a local high school pool and is involved in early morning school activities.

Now that she has the phone, I am finding that I like the piece of mind and the cute texts I get from her before and after school. I will have to take a closer look at the 50 text messages to that one friend though . . .

So, she has the phone with unlimited texts but no internet connection <yet> and I am looking at parental controls for now and for when she get greater access.

I am going for controlled independence. Is there an app for that?