Why Do You Blog?

I have a reader (yes, I do have 1 as far as I can tell) and she is thinking of starting a blog. She would like to gather insights from those of us who have already done so.

She asks,"How did you determine to begin a blog? What are your process ? Are there any pitfalls?"

I will start and then open the conversation up to anyone who wants to join in. Yes, that means you!

I started to blog because my very best friend from college told me to. Do I usually do what she tells me to do? Usually. So, although I started because of someone else, I continue for myself. I continue to blog because of 3 simple reasons:

  • I love to write
  • I have something to say
  • I am part of a much larger conversation

I have been blogging for about 2 1/2 years and it continues to be a journey for me. Hindsight is 20/20 and rather than speaking from what I know now, I will share posts that reflect my steps along the way.

Early on I considered who I would tell about my blog and whether or not I wanted to post anonymously. I discovered that blogging allowed me to move forward while capturing the past. My journey was not at all bump free and some of my bumps included the blogging blues and finding my niche.

Blogging is about taking an issue that resonates with you and creating connections with other people, their thoughts, and their ideas. It is about learning from others and expanding your horizons and it is about new ideas. Blogging is about reflection. Blogging is about insight that moves you forward by small steps and then, when you are least expecting it, by a light year.

Some newer blogs and their authors to check out are Micheal Long, The Red Recruiter, Trish McFarlane, HR Ringleader's Blog; Kelly Mittons, Life Student; Ben Eubanks, Upstart HR and ADowling, Psuedohr's Blog. These are just a few, there are so many more! You can check out more blogs on my Great Reads list.

So in response to your question, blogging is definitely something you should try. If you have any questions or need any support, advice or assistance along the way, I am here to help.

Who's with me on this?

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