A Good Mother: Day in the Life Sunday

Friday was my daughter's last day with her day care provider. We first entrusted the wonderful team of providers with the care and safety of our 12 week old baby girl. 12 years later, we say good-bye. It's rather bittersweet. My little girl is growing up. 

Four-wheeling dress

Four-wheeling dress

I work. I have always worked and when I was pregnant, I thought about not working but chose to continue. It was absolutely, undeniably hard not being with my daughter during the day but through the worst of times, I always knew my daughter was in good hands when she wasn't with me. 

I remember one time in particular (there were many) coming painfully face to face with my decision to work when a very wise neighbor told me, "good mothers find good care for their daughters."  I was a good mother.

A good mother knows she can't be with her daughter all the time so she ensures she is surrounded by people who will care for her as she grows. My daughter is confident, strong, smart and an amazing human being. She is caring, patient and kind. The younger kids swarm to her like bees in a hive and she always has a lap, an arm or a story to share.

So, Dee Dee, Angie, Denise, Desiree, Steph, Beth, Sheila, Lee, Molly, Heather and the rest of the providers who taught her, made her laugh and kept her safe - thank you.


What advice would my wise neighbor have for me for the next few years as we move into the new school year, middle school swim teams, friends, fashion and the teens?  What has guided you?