A Corporate Culture Resource Guide

Do you know Ben Eubanks?

One thing you'll quickly realize about Ben is that he never sits still. After the success of his HR certification guide, Ben has turned his sights to workplace culture. 

"I am a firm believer that having a strong culture at work is a way for companies of all sizes to increase engagement, decrease turnover, and build a sustainable business."

With that, Ben put together a guide to help you Rock Your Corporate Culture. With the main guide, worksheets, videos, and other bonus items that cover "hands on" applications of culture, readers will learn how to inject culture into the recruiting process, how to hire and fire based on culture fit, and how to influence and even change the embedded culture of the organization.

If you're interested in learning more about corporate culture, check it out to see if it's right for you.

If corporate culture is not your thing, check in at Upstart HR anyway just to meet Ben.

You will not be disappointed.

Working for the Man


Will you look back with regret on the sum of the choices you've made? I wonder. I'm in a good place right now so it's not really the sum of my choices that I wonder about, it's the individual days.

I make choices on how I spend my time but wonder if I am choosing wisely. Will I look back and see that my daughter had to work too hard to get my attention? Will I wake up one day to what is really important and realize the ship has sailed?

Every now and then working for the man vs working for myself enters the equation. In conversation with my coach recently, she stated that I view working for myself as having no money. Way to cut to the chase Abigail but ok, yes, that's a hurdle for me.

Everyone has their own hurdles so tell me: 

  • If you opted out of working for the man, what hurdle did you have to overcome to do so?
  • If you considered opting out but elected to stay, what was your hurdle to overcome?
  • If you are considering opting out but not taking the leap, what hurdle are you facing?

    Hit me in the comments, I'm curious.