Leadership: Making Sound Decisions

We make decisions day in and day out. Some are quick decisions we make unconsciously or without a second thought: latte or cappuccino? Regular or dark roast? Bangs, highlights or lowlights? Boot cut, boyfriend or skinny? Others, like marriage, health and family, we question, doubt or agonize over.

Photo credit iStock

Photo credit iStock

Reflecting back over my years of leadership roles, the colleagues I’ve collaborated with, the data I’ve questioned, the feedback I’ve sought, the attorneys I’ve consulted and the cases I’ve studied, it hit me that as decisive as I like to think I am, I don’t make many business decisions entirely and completely on my own. Am I incapable of independent thought and reason? Are you?

Think about that for a moment and then read the rest of the post, Three Decision-making Pitfalls to Avoid, over at the HCI blog.

Leaders committed to making sound decisions don’t assume they know more than they actually do. They are not crazy. They are smart. They know you cannot mimic your way to leadership. Leadership comes from the core - decisions and all. 

What do you think?