Are You Leading THAT HR Department?

There's energy in being part of a group with a shared focus. It's tempting to confuse that with comfort in being like everyone else. Focus will get you results while comfort will get you excuses.



When you comfortable, it's easy to brush off a customer service or process concern by saying,"What? Get off my back. Look around, it's the same everywhere."  

Human resource departments are everywhere and while they vary in leadership, structure, function and technology, at their core, they are all the same in the eyes of their customers.

Human resource staff ignore calls from employees, create barriers to applying for jobs, have so many staff yet get nothing done, never listen to employee needs, and never give the right answers. Human resource staff don't support supervisors, don't know they are doing and don't process anything timely.

That may not be you or your department all of the time but there's a little bit of THAT HR in all of is.

It's not easy being on the receiving end a complaint, but no one said it was easy. Do you brush off concerns with a quick flip of the hand, or do you listen for an opportunity to improve? Are you following, or are you leading?

What are you doing to distinguish your human resources department from the crowd?