Fine Lines: A Day in the Life Sunday

Most anyone can see the obvious. Let them have it. The obvious is too easy. I want the rest.

Photo credit: iStockphoto

Photo credit: iStockphoto

The devil is in the details and it's the fine lines that get me thinking. Driving into work the other day, it hit me just how many "fine lines" there are circling around me at this very moment.

There's a fine line between:

  • Talking through an employee adverse decision you are making and violating due process
  • Wanting to give your child more than you had and spoiling her
  • Watching what you eat and changing your eating habits
  • Conduct that creates discontent and conduct that warrants discipline
  • Exercising and building strength
  • Talking about  <fill in the blank> and really knowing what you're talking about
  • A non-negotiable issue and a bad idea
  • Accepting your child as is and setting behavior expectations
  • Listening to understand and not speaking up when you should
  • Recognizing performance and playing favorites. Tip: Favorites perform.
  • Right and wrong
  • Writing to meet a deadline and writing to make a difference
  • Robust debate and bullying
  • Having a friend and being a friend
  • Choosing between one outfit in a snug size 6 (suck it in) and another in an 8

There's a fine line between age and aging and I am staying on the right side of this one today as I say good-bye to my 40s. Be inquisitive. Query, question and wonder. Don't run from what you find and tell me about a fine line on your mind today.