Words by Friends

It's Monday night and I realize I don't have a post ready for tomorrow. The thought of throwing one together to fill the space crossed my mind but I've been there before and it doesn't feel good after it's done.



Here's what I'd like to do instead. I'd like to take a few minutes to introduce you to other bloggers I turn to regularly:

  • If you are a supervisor and want to be better, you should be reading the Three Star Leadership Blog by Wally Bock.
  • If you are interested in women, leadership and the musings of a professional people-watcher, then The People Equation by Jennifer V. Miller is a blog for you.
  • When it comes to keeping priorities straight, Deirdre Honner, The HR Maven sets the standard for me, and is an HR pro to learn from.
  • Want to know what's on the mind of women (and men) in HR? Check out Women of HR for over 25 of the most inspiring and smart voices in the space.

Ok, you've got me. These are all friends of mine and I have a bunch more in my reader, Twitter feed, Facebook page and LinkedIn profile. I read to learn - and my reading is not limited to those I've eaten with - but reading a post by someone I know is like getting a letter from a friend. 

Friends, you know who you are, keep writing, keep speaking and keep bringing sanity to what can be a bit of an insane space. You are amazing.

Words are just words and they mean more when you know a the person behind them. Who's words resonate most with you?