Chicago Rerun: A Day in the Life Sunday

Today is the last day of a girls weekend in Chicago. Last year it was new friends, Frye boots and girl-time. This year it's much more of the same. Some of the faces may change but truth remains - there is nothing quite like a weekend with the girls.



My shopping list includes a chunky gold bracelet, new shoes, a walk through Tiffany & Co and my rejuve centers on girl talk, spa time and not thinking about anything but the steak dinner I am sure to have. FaceTime will keep me in touch with the clan as I scope things out for a big/little girl weekend with the kid in July.

How'd the weekend go? I don't know since I am writing this before I leave but if last year was any indication, it was be great! When you read this, I'll be heading over to the spa for a massage and facial. Be jealous!

What have you done for yourself lately?