Job Shadow dot Com

I was recently contacted by Aaron Stahl, the owner of helps young people searching for career and job information by interviewing people who actually do those jobs vs. the standard and often inaccurate information that is typically available on the internet for young people who are career hunting.  

In essence the site allows readers to ‘shadow’ jobs online.  

Aaron has been getting great feedback from people who love the information provided in the interviews.  They are grateful and truly inspired by the information shared. They've interviewed everyone from U.S. Ambassadors and Senators, to Accountants, to people who climb and install cell phone towers, and countless jobs in between.  

It's a great site that's now even better since you can shadow a real, live Human Resource Director. You can peruse the complete list of interviews here.

Hmmm, I am thinking about brewmaster if this HR gig ever dries up!