A Call to Action: Grow Up and Lead

What does leadership mean to you?  If it means being brave, being bold and leading through roadblocks destined to derail, we are thinking the same. 


There is too much at stake for leaders to be derailed by the challenges they face. Yet, many are. They look for easy answers that are not to be found. Or, they look for excuses. The one place they don't look is to themselves. Sadly, leaders may forget why they've chosen to lead or they lose themselves in the process. It's time for a change.

I submitted a proposal for a leadership manifesto to ChangeThis. The proposal was accepted and now the fun begins. I am stacked up against nine other proposals and those with the most votes on January 4, 2013 will be selected to become a manifesto.

I want this. My ideas are right on (although my  1980s band reference in my proposal is off.) The "almost lead" I had a few days ago is lost . . . would you help me grab it back? You can read my proposal and cast your vote with one click by clicking and following this link:

Grow Up and Lead

Thank you for taking a look and to everyone voting so far, THANK YOU for your support. So, what was the right band and year?