A Fresh Look At Succession Planning

Succession planning is on the list of things that keep me awake at night. Instead of counting sheep, I see a huge elephant and I don't know where to take the first bite.

"While 50 percent of organizations have a structured process for Succession Management, only a small percentage produce effective results," writes The Conference Board.

I work in an organization that, like so many others, is facing an eventual exodus of many retirement eligible staff and our continued growth and success requires us to get succession planning right. We are in a good place with solid foundation of programs and processes in place and to build upon. 

Promising "innovative practices that get results," The Conference Board Succession Management Conference is an excellent opportunity to hear from some of the best and gather ideas and insights to build upon the initiatives and programs my organization - and yours - already has in place. 

Who are the best? The best include senior executives from New York Times, The FutureWork Institute, Center for Creative Leadership, Honeywell Aerospace, and Fed Ex.

Attending as a guest of The Conference Board,  I will be particpating in sessions, sharing conference highlights with you, and gathering information that I can bring back to my organization.

Is there anything in particular you'd like me to listen for? 

Better yet, consider joining me.