Laughter and Thanks: A Day in the Life Sunday

Parenting. With the trials, tribulations and tons of responsibility that come with the gig, there are also unending opportuities to laugh.

Here's a peek into my world last week:

Jumping into the backseat of the car after school, the kid informed me she wanted a "Yonk." You can imagine the mother-daughter exchange with my, "you want a what?!!" being met with the incredulous "don't you know anything" stream of descriptors of the middle schooler . . .

I had one today at school. They're at the store. They are my favorite. I love them. Yonks, you know.<insert eye roll here> It's candy . . . they're chocolate. . .  and minty.

I couldn't stop laughing when I quickly realized what she was talking about:

And there we have it - the ties that bind. I can see it now . . . candy dishes, graduation, wedding and yonks all around!

On this Thanksgiving weekend I give thanks for my husband and daughter, that they hang with me no matter what and above all, their ability to always make me laugh.

Who makes you laugh?