Letter to My Daughter: Day in the Life Sunday

You are a teenager now. Wow, where did the time go? It seems like yesterday when dad and I were in the hospital gazing in wonder and joy at our new baby girl. Those feelings were definitely a first for us and our new family.


From then on, our days were filled with firsts. First words, first steps, first bingo dobber painting, first day of school. First friend, first hurt feeling, first tooth, first dance recital, first cartwheel and first ride without training wheels.

You were little, you were growing and you were brave. You inspired me. And now, you are not so little anymore. You've outgrown your car seat and you read on your own. You wear deodorant, are looking at prom dresses and shave your legs, for God's sake.

When you were an infant, I counted your age by days, weeks and months. Today, I am not counting by days, weeks or months or measuring your progress by firsts. It's more recent events I remember: you putting your nervousness aside and stepping up to the block at a swim meet; wrestling with the neighbor boys who absolutely adore you; walking confidently into the middle school each day, recognizing yet not being ruled by lunchroom and girl drama; your self-challenge to  be fearless; and the friendships you are developing.

I know there are times when I drive you crazy or push when all you want is space. You didn't come with a guidebook and hey, that's what mothers do. Through it all, never doubt my love for you. I am your biggest cheerleader.

Continue to trust yourself and your choices. Keep wondering, creating and always know that you are important. You are strong and capable.

I am so proud of you and love that you are my daughter.


There's more but the rest is between me and my girl. I've learned so much from her and from the day to day joy of being her mom. Do you have a daughter? What do you want to be sure she knows as she grows up?

By Lisa Rosendahl

Imagine: A Day In the Life Sunday

The tween wanted to know if I knew who John Lennon was and if I liked his song, "Imagine."  I do. And I'd like to share this with you today.

I had this post set to run last weekend but an ongoing McAffee, Squarespace, firewall incident rendered my website PC inaccessible. I could have accessed my website through another piece of technology but truth be told, I needed a break anyway.

Or maybe, something was telling me that this post needed to wait one more week. To friends, family and the heroes and angels amongst us, imagine living life in peace.

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