Human Resources, Charmed Memories and Making a Connection: A Day in the Life Sunday

Charm braceletes did not really call to me. When asked what I wanted for my birthday, Mother's Day, or our anniversary, a charm bracelet wasn't ever at the top of my list.

Now, I wear a charm bracelet almost every day. The things we do for our kids. With the dad's financial resources, the kid bought me a charm bracelet. She saw a commercial for Charmed Memories and decided that I had to have one for Christmas.

I wouldn't trade it for the world. Not because of the beads themselves but because the kid picked them out and asigned each bead a meaning for us as a family.

As we were looking at 2 new beads to add, somehow, in this HR-warped brain of mine, I started thinking about supervisors, leaders, and staff.

Short of buying a charm bracelet for each of your employees, staff, mentees, etc. what if you offer them a bead the next time you speak with them? What if you were to make it a point to make a connection with each person.

Think of a colleague. If you were to connect with them tomorrow, not a way that's important to or easy for you, but in a way that has meaning to them, what would you say or do differently?

The strand is unfinished and you have to know that I am fighting the demon inside of me that can't leave things unfinished to finish this sucker off right now. 

I am looking at both Charmed Memories and Pandora and I don't see any "I heart HR" beads. Darn.