Technology and Tradition: A Day in the Life Sunday

Sitting in the dentist chair this week, I noticed the technology as the imaging machine came to me and the images were projected on the flat screen beside my chair. That ended as I opened wide, the suction tube was placed and the drill started up.

Really, with all the  technology today, isn't there a way to do this without the grinding of a drill in my mouth. Novocaine protected, I permitted myself the luxury of noting (to myself) how modern day dentistry can seem so 1903.

Why 1903? That's the date on my winter coat. It's a Stormy Kromer

I was introduced to the Stormy Kromer brand at the Duluth Pack store as I mocked my husband trying on caps, nice hat 'eh? Warm as they seemed to be, they were so . . . 1903. He was interested looking at the caps and, because this is the guy who weighs bike helmets and hiking boots to be sure he gets only the lightest, I knew we weren't going anywhere quickly.

My eyes <and interest> began to wander and a charcoal gray coat caught my attention. 1903? Nope, not for me. I be a modern girl.

I went up to the hi-tech keep-me-warm brands I love: North Face, Icebreaker and Ibex. I caught a glimpse of that charcoal gray coat on my way back down to the books. Next stop was the Hudson Bay wool blankets and then over to the lip balms.

There was that coat again.

Nope, I told myself, I couldn't even consider it after I made fun of the husband for going all 1903 on me. But I did it anyway. I went over, took it off the rack and tried it on. The fit was flattering, the cut unique and gray a great backdrop for other colors.

Putting my mocking pride aside, I bought it. With the temps on a downward slide and pockets big enough to stash a few hand warmers, I am wearing it with my 2011 red fingerless gloves and hope to add the Pajar Buzz Boots I have my eye on.

At times, I am torn between 2 worlds enjoying what is new with one hand while reaching for the comforts of the past with the other. What do I choose today? A book or a Nook? The Moleskine or Evernote? A Fa La Latte or a cup of tea? Shutterfly or Hallmark? Glossy or letterpress?

Tradition or trail blaze? I find myself at different sides of the equation at different times and that's ok.

While I once wondered if I was being true to whatever the heck I was supposed to being true to, I wonder no more. Mixing the new and the old is good for the soul but please, can we find another way to work on the teeth?