How I Write: A Day in the Life Sunday

A colleague recently asked about my writing process. At first I thought she was getting in a little bit of a dig since my writing has been less than prolific lately, but she wasn't. She really wanted to know how I wrote.

10 steps to writing.jpg

So, here it goes for her, for you . . . . and mostly as a kick starter for me.  

Sit down

I usually do this in a chair or on the couch but a quiet spot in the grass or the kid's bean bag chair have worked too. Where I sit is not as important as the fact that I've stopped moving, working, wandering or pacing and am actually still. First thing in the morning when the world - and family - is asleep is prime time for me.

Prepare to Write

If I am capturing ideas, I open my Moleskine and grab a pen, pencil or a colored Sharpie. I've had multiple Moleskines active at once: personal stories in one, professional posts and articles in another and presentation outlines in a third. If I am preparing a post or an article with those ideas, I get my fingers on a PC keyboard in the ready position.

Start writing

Hands readied, I start writing. I capture phrases, comments, vents, rants, thoughts, ideas, and snippets of wisdom. I capture what ever comes to mind as quickly as I can and hope that, if I am hand writing, I can read it in when it's done.The still point of writing for me is capturing free-flowing unedited thoughts while observing how easily they connect if I stay out of their way.

Sit down, prepare to write and start writing: that's really all there is to it. 

Except for this.  

Trust yourself and the process. The first few pages of any writing is an unconnected, unrelated bunch of messy ideas and if you stick with it and don't judge, something intelligible will evolve. It may be very different than what you thought you were sitting down to write about and that's ok because, it's organic, it's yours and it's better.

Now, what did I do with my Moleskine?