These Are the Moments: A Day in the Life Sunday

Our lives are made up of moments that can pass without recognition in a blink of an eye. Everyone has moments in their lives that shape who they are today.  



My moments include: 

  • Summer sun, sand and salt of Long Island beaches
  • An empty college dorm room 494 miles away from home
  • Summer sun, sand and 7-11s of Daytona Beach
  • Boarding a plane to a new duty station and that pivotal point midflight when the sadness of leaving shifts to the excitement of arriving
  • Trouncing through the snow with Bill thinking, "I am going to marry this guy" 
  • Getting engaged a few years later on the Eibsee. And marrying him.
  • The first time I held my newborn daughter . . . and every single day after

This is my quick list and I wonder what my family and friends would say my moments were. What am I forgetting or selectively ignoring?

What are your moments?