Conflicts, Feuds and the Wisdom of the Swiss

If you have employees, there's bound to be conflict and if you have a family, there is bound to be a feud. When this occurs for you, join me in savoring the wisdom <and neutrality> of the Swiss.

I may look calm, cool and collected on the outside but know that I am usually working like crazy to keep my own emotions and reactions in check on the inside. The last thing an already emotional situation needs is another person looking to establish a position.

It's hard work to fight, it's draining and in the end - no one really wins. Having been there and done that before, I now strive to be part of the solution and not exacerbate the problem.

You can do the same by not judging, keeping an open mind, and keeping your dog out of the fight

So much easier said than done, especially when you are not feeling personally attacked, your hot buttons were not pressed or the hand you put out was not just bitten by that dirty dog.

Be in my space when that happens to me and you'll get a glimpse of what really goes down behind the carefully constructed exterior.

Just not in the mood for neutrality, taking the high road or being the voice of reason?

The Swiss have a remedy for that too . . . chocolate, wine and colorful hang gliders sailing from the mountain tops over the picturesque countryside - and their very own Evil Hr Lady.

I'm heading there now.