Need Tenure Track Nursing Faculty

A reader asks about HR considerations as he reviews a proposal to meet the need for tenure/tenure track nursing faculty from traditionally underrepresented groups by one of his schools:

One of our schools has developed a proposal to internally support talented graduate students and alumni/ae in their pursuit of doctoral study with the provision that they work for at least 3 years in a tenure track position here immediately following degree completion. The plan is to support full-time doctoral study for a select number of individuals and, at the same time employ them as part-time faculty in our School. This would enable them to have a salary while attending school and would provide an opportunity for seasoned, tenured faculty to mentor them into the faculty role.

I think that this is a great proposal; you are addressing a succession planning need by offering offering education for expertise. You have a small targeted group in mind and, for nurses interested in this career track, it is a great opportunity. Some things to consider are school responses to candidates not fulfilling their faculty requirements or not completing their degree requirements. Would this be limited to graduates of your schools only or opened to graduates from other schools?

Great plan, good luck to you!

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