The Best Way To Read Online

The best way to read online is not to visit your favorite blogs or websites daily to check for updates. The best way to read online is to have your favorite sources delivered directly to you.

Photo courtesy of (my reader of choice today)

Photo courtesy of (my reader of choice today)

If you are visiting sites or trolling your social networks in search of updates, stop that right now. You have better things to do with your time. You can subscribe to have updates delivered to your to reader via RSS or sign-up to have an email delivered to your inbox. You get to decide how you want your news delivered to you

Both are free.  

I started using Google Reader for fun in January 2007 when I was following six blogs. Now, with over 150 blogs and websites followed, a reader is a necessity.

Find your favorite reads, pick a newsreader or subscribe by email, and be sure to never miss an update. Google Reader will be retired on July 1 so you should download your reader data now or lose it forever. 

Thank you for reading along with me each week. I am all about easy so if you are not yet using a reader or email to keep up with me, subscribe now or sign up to receive weekly email updates. 

Why You Need to Check Out Google Reader

I use Google Reader and have been since January 2007. This "discovery" did nothing less than change the way I read on line.

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