Supervisor Training: You Get What You Pay For

Time for a little rant from the corner office.

Maybe it's because I don't really have a corner office, because I am a good supervisor who knows I haven't been doing a great job lately, or because I don't like Fred Pryor <actually, I've never met Mr. Pryor> but nonetheless, a brochure for a 1-day seminar, "How to Supervise People" got me going.

Attend this seminar and you'll walk away knowing how to develop a keen sense of timing for taking corrective action or firing an employee - and know the legal implications of your decisions, prevent hassles by using the best hiring practices and interviewing techniques, and control absenteeism and tardiness.

All this plus 7 more key deliverables for only $99.00.

I am not buying it. What scares me is that so many others will.

Even though the company set high expectations with their wording, I get that the trainers are not intending to address the legal/technical/HR aspects of these topics and instead, provide only basic at-your-fingertips tools and techniques.

Others may not get that and leave thinking they know much more than they really do about the topics presented.

For overall supervisor development, I'd put my money, and yours, on Eric B. Meyer <free blog> or Wally Bock's Three Star Leadership <$39.99>, send HR staff to #TNL Chicago - National Recruiting Conference <$159.99> so they can train and better advise supervisors on recruitment or up the stakes and get all access G5 Leadership <$129/year>.

Now this is some good stuff. Anything less is pure silliness.

Hat tip to Kris Dunn and Fistful of Talent for G5 Leadership and photo credit to iStockphoto