Who is Responsible For Psyche Management?

As I leave for my extended weekend and visit to the Ely Blueberry Festival tomorrow, I leave you with this thought. . . .who is responsible for psyche management?

As a leader, I am committed to being respectful, supportive, authentic and a generally all around nice girl.

So what does a girl like me do when she is told by an employee that they took an action hoping that I would recognize the effort they put in against less than favorable circumstances and felt that I did not give them the acknowledgement they expected?  

What does the same girl do when told that an employee added a whole bunch of unintended meaning to a sentence when it started out with "unfortunately." What does a girl do when a staff member is defended because someone else was informed of a decision before they were officially made aware of it?

In the not too distance past, this nice girl would have explained the way she was thinking, trying everything she could to smooth things over and clean up her supposed mess and really take the time that she did not have to support so the defended can let their guard down.

What did the nice girl? She indicated she heard, she clarified her intention and she stated her expectations. The nice girl was maybe not so nice and accommodating. The nice girl may be getting cynical or tired but she feels ready to finally put the responsibility for psyche management where it belongs. 

This feels right.

If I am disrespectful or not providing the type of leadership I am committed to providing and don't catch it myself first, call me on it. There are no victims here. We are all adults, manage your own psyche.

Peace out.