The Elephant Has Been Bitten

We did it. We started. We have taken the first bite of the elephant with our first formal HR systems redesign process. We are a group of 6 working to streamline our application flow process through HR. We are focusing on our RN, LPN and MD applications. Our aim: to be a neutral force in a process that provides applicant data to selecting officials in a timely manner, minimizes delays and is trackable, traceable and measurable from beginning to end.

Where are we? We are mapping our current process, complete with markers, colored post- it notes, arrows, and stars. Our process starts with the receipt of an application and considering that we can receive an application at least 4 different ways, we are taking them one at a time. Can you see a process improvement opportunity already?!

Challenges at this phase? Keeping people focused on what they are actually doing, not what they should be doing or what they want you to think they are doing; creating a "no defensiveness allowed" zone; maintaining the momentum through a somewhat tedious, yet very visual, process.

If need be, I will break out the colored heart and star post-it notes (and maybe even the Dove chocolate).