You've Mistaken Me For Someone Who Cares

I've been a supervisor for many years and oh, the stories I could tell. I listen more than I speak and most of the time, I say what needs to be said. I've learned that I can't make everyone happy all of the time, I have to live with the decisions I make and that humans are funny, funny beings.

I consider myself a thoughtful decision maker and, even in the face of over thinking at times, I get that decisions I make can create disappointment. I get, and honor, that people may need time and space to work through their reactions. What I don't get is the cold shoulder. Come on Virginia-cold-shoulders, do you think this will add anything to the conversation, prove a point or motivate change? Really?! Do you see the flaw in this logic?

I know that these things will pass, they always do. What do you know? Stop for a moment and think before you react. Think about the impression you will make on those around you. Do you think that will pass as quickly?

Peace out.