What Matters Most

My husband and daughter returned home after spending part of the weekend preparing for his annual ritual. If you guessed hunting, then yes, you are right and you must be from Minnesota! He went up north to place his deer stands in preparation for the season opener. My daughter went with him to see her cousin and although I usually would go too, I decided to stay home to get caught up on some work. I did get started on my reviews and did get a chance to make progress on a few bigger projects. What I didn't get was a weekend away from work, time with my family and a chance to help my daughter make her Halloween jack o'lantern - complete with two holes in the back for his "cheeks."  I hear so much about balancing work and family but try as I might to do it, it seems there is no balancing about it. At times choices need to be made and while this weekend I chose to work, chances are I will not make the same choice again.